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THE STORY OF OUR PLATFORMWeightlifting is experiencing a resurgence in popularity. We have seen a significant increase in interest and participation over the past decade, with no signs of it waning. Eleiko is passionate about weightlifting and its benefits, and we are driven to do what we can to make lifting more accessible to people interested in strength and a well-rounded functional training program.Despite its benefits, weightlifting has traditionally come with downsides for health and fitness clubs. Barbells rattling, clanging, and bouncing around can be loud and send vibrations throughout the facility intimidating members and disturbing neighbors in the process. In general, platforms of today protect the floors and equipment, but still make for a loud and disruptive experience, one that can even be a bit dangerous when barbells bounce.This is a complex problem to solve. When you dampen the vibration, and tackle the noise, you typically end up with significant bounce. Adjust designs to address the bounce, and the sound and vibration dampening properties are diminished. But at Eleiko, we thrive on a good challenge and our reputation for continuously improving products is well earned.We have engineered the nearly impossible, an exclusive mix of materials that combined address all three issue – noise, vibration, and bounce. We have struck the perfect balance, our distinctive platform dramatically reduces the noise when barbells are dropped, the materials absorb the vibration and ensure a quieter, less disruptive experience. Lastly, we have fixed the issue of excessive bounce. We have created a solution that allows you to have lifting in your facility in a way that won’t frustrate your neighbors and disturb or intimidate other members.Whether it is one platform, a few of our world-famous bars, or a full Eleiko weightlifting program complete with platforms, products, and coaching, we are excited to share our passion for weightlifting with you, your team, and your clients. We look forward to helping you find the right mix of products and programs to effectively incorporate this highly functional, beneficial, and transferable type of strength training into your facilities offering. With Eleiko you can truly silence the complaints and let your members lift.PLATFORM• We set out to tackle something extremely challenging, the opposing issues of noise, vibration, and bounce that plague facilities when members are lifting and dropping weights. Addressing each variable alone is feasible, but solving for all three takes finesse. When you address noise and vibration, it leads to bounce; try to minimize the bounce, the noise and vibration return. At Eleiko, a challenge motivates us. We set out to find the right balance, and successfully developed a product that delivers reduced noise, and dampened vibration while minimizing the bounce.• At just over 4 inches thick, the platform allows weights to decelerate over a greater distance, and our unique combination of materials absorbs the impact to reduce noise and vibration. The truly distinguishing feature is that we have done so, while also minimizing the barbell bounce when dropped.• The platform features a multi-layer constructions, with each layer playing an important role in the combined outcome. Each of the layers in the platform can be independently rotated or shifted to extend life, or even be replaced as needed.• The wooden deck is beautifully constructed and extremely durable. Several coats of laminate protect the multi layered birch plywood and oak strip deck creating the optimal lifting surface. One that is solid underfoot and has good grip, while also incorporating anti-vibration layers to further reduce noise when lifting.• The platform is highly durable and will stand up to the heavy use of a commercial fitness facility, and does so without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. A custom shaped 11-gauge steel perimeter surrounds the platform. The sleek frame has sturdy construction and is built with high quality materials ensuring the platform will not shift or warp and continue to perform when under heavy load. The sleek frame protects the platform and bolt holes mean the platform can be anchored down for increased stability.• We have taken steps to protect your investment both in this platform, and in your bumpers and discs, by fashioning a long lasting protective rubber strip into the platform deck as a transitional piece between the lifting and drop zone. This ensures the deck will remain looking its best, and protects discs from damage if they accidentally hit the edge between the lifting and drop zone.• This platform opens a world of possibilities for fitness facilities today, providing a way to incorporate weightlifting into a facility in a manner that addresses the downsides traditionally associated with this type of training. This platform means clients that want to lift – an ever-growing number – can do so in a way that won’t disturb other members, or neighboring businesses.COMPONENT SPECIFICATIONS• Custom deck features a multi layers birch plywood base with an oak strip top layer, covered in a protective laminate and a long lasting durable rubber strip to guard the edges of deck and bumpers and discs from damage.• High quality rubber tiles act as the first layer of defense, absorbing weight impact and providing a stable covering for layers below.• An exclusive mix of materials create the dampening and absorption underneath giving the platform its unique characteristics of reduced sounds, vibration, and bounce.• The drop zone layers can be shifted and rotated to prolong product life, and easily replaced with spare parts as necessary.• 11-gauge custom shaped steel tubing platform surround is extremely durable and ensures platform is stable.• Custom investment cast steel corners provide additional support and bolt down holes. Specifications- Weight: 270 kg- Length: 2090 mm- Width: 2462 mm- Height: 100 mm- Colour: Grey, black, oak

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