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Intended use:
Adjustable Incline Bench Press

The incline bench press is equipped with convenient storage for weight plates, located on the rack. The hooks of the barbell are adjustable in six different positions to suit as many users as possible. Durable plastic wheels are mounted on the hooks to protect the rod and facilitate the lifter in achieving the right position. To be able for a person to secure the lifter in a proper way, there is an elevated footplate mounted on the unit.
The bench press can be anchored to the floor and the bolts are hidden in the structure so that the user will not harm themselves or trip over them. The plastic plug that covers the attachment is angled and flush with the frame, to prevent loosening.
The padding is an easy-clean thoroughly wear-and-tear-resistant material, which is also resistant to disinfectants. The frame is easy to clean and has a smooth surface.

Eleiko Classic Olympic Incline Bench - Grey/Black
- Article code: 3080003-02
- Weight: 140 kg
- Length: 1590 mm
- Width: 1646 mm
- Height: 1456 mm
- Colour: Gray/black
- Warranty: 2 year

Eleiko Classic Olympic Incline Bench - Black/Black
- Article code: 3080003-05

Warranty terms and conditions
Indoor use only. Normal wear and tear does not fall under warranty. Note: Up-holstery 6 months warranty.

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