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A real quality ball that will remain dimensionally stable and balanced when used according to the instructions. For all Dynamax Medicine Balls, the standard is 35.6 cm (14 ") in diameter, impact absorbing, moisture resistant and are made from 70% recycled materials.

Each ball has a "comfortable" feel and will withstand high intensity and offer a fun and vigorous workout!

"We know that the seams will not fail unless there is abuse by throwing the product repeatedly against a
rough aggregate surface or floor slamming the product from overhead with the full force of gravitational pull (unless a Dynamax slam pad is purchased to absorb the slam). The products have been tested to withstand repeated impact with any relatively smooth surface using any training throw against the pull of gravity or perpendicular to it."

Dynamax is one of the strongest brands on the market in medicine balls. The company is based in the U.S. and have their own factory in Texas. They specialise in medicine balls, but also have other products in the range.

Warranty terms and conditions
Normal wear and tear does not fall under warranty.

Dynamax Medicine Ball Standard Stinger II - 3 kg
- Article code: 3002009-03
- Weight: 3 kg
- Diameter: 356 mm
- Colour: Black, grey
- Warranty: 2 year
- Feature: Shock Absorbing

Dynamax Medicine Ball Standard Accelerator II - 4 kg
- Article code: 3002009-04
- Weight: 4 kg

Dynamax Medicine Ball Standard Stout I - 6 kg
- Article code: 3002009-06
- Weight: 6 kg

Dynamax Medicine Ball Standard Hefty I - 8 kg
- Article code: 3002009-08
- Weight: 8 kg

Dynamax Medicinboll Standard Hefty II - 9kg
- Article code: 3002009-09
- Weight: 9 kg

Dynamax Medicine Ball Standard Burly - 10 kg
- Article code: 3002009-10
- Weight: 10 kg

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