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The Dynamax Atlas Ball is a heavy weight medicine ball.
The Dynamax Atlas Ball is an alternative for the traditional Atlas Stones. These ultra heavy weights are very functional for any strongmen and strongwomen workout. The Atlas Ball is a trainingstool which is also ideal for Crossfit workouts. The Atlas Ball is made of sustainable material, is waterproof and are suitable for extreme strength exercises.

Warranty terms and conditions
Normal wear and tear does not fall under warranty.

Dynamax Atlas Ball - 65kg
- Article code: 3060683-65
- Weight: 65 kg

Dynamax Atlas Ball - 45kg
- Article code: 3060683-45
- Weight: 45 kg

Dynamax Atlas Ball - 35kg
- Article code: 3060683-35
- Weight: 35 kg

Dynamax Atlas Ball - 25kg
- Article code: 3060683-25
- Weight: 25 kg

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