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DETAILED OVERVIEW The Crossrope Strength cable is an ideal option for individuals that have some heavy jump rope experience or are looking to have an increased challenge from the Crossrope Power cable.  With the weight in the rope instead of the handles like some jump ropes, the faster the rotation, the greater the force of resistance.   In addition to coordination and footwork, this rope will engage the core, biceps, triceps, lats, shoulders and forearms even more than the Power cable. 2.0 Lb. black PVC coated steel.  Recommended for use with Rugged Handles. (compatible with the Quick Handles)   Second heaviest rope in the Crossrope series. Great tool for intense heavweight jump rope training. Powerful rope for upper body dynamic functional strength and conditioning. Does not include handles.      CUSTOMER REVIEWS TREMENDOUS ROPE  THIS IS MY FAVORITE ROPE RIGHT NOW, BUT IT'S LIKELY DUE TO WHERE I'M AT IN MY PROGRESSION. I CAN CURRENTLY DO ABOUT 20-30 DU'S WITH THIS ROPE, BUT ONLY 2 WITH TITAN, SO THIS ROPE IS PERFECT FOR ME AT THIS GIVEN MOMENT FOR WORKING POWER AND JUST FEELING GREAT. THIS IS MORE OF A REFLECTION OF THE SYSTEM AS A WHOLE THAN THIS PARTICULAR ROPE THOUGH. RICH ON 4TH MAR 2014
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