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Summary Jump in style by customizing your rope with 6 bold handle colors.  Limited quantities. (Add $3.00) Heavier, larger grip option of the Crossrope handle choices. (Total weight: 10 oz.) Durably mounted ball bearings ensure smooth, consistent rotation for all Crossrope cables. Innovative, yet simple clip attachment enables you to easily interchange all 4 weighted Crossrope cables for unparalleled jump rope training. Ideal for use with the 1/4 Lb black Agility rope, 1/2 Lb blue Energy rope, 1 Lb orange Intensity rope, and 2 Lb yellow Fury rope. Detailed Overview The Crossrope Rugged Handles are the heavier version of the two Crossrope handle types.  The thicker grip is favorable for good grip strength and leverage when training with the heavier Crossropes.  These handles are included with the Starter Set, Plus Set, Premium Set and Premium+ Set. Rugged Handles have stainless steel ball bearings for smooth rotational action. (Handle Weight: 10 oz. total) Approximately 6" long with tennis style wrap for superior grip. Made from virtually unbreakable, high grade plastic. Customer Review STRONG STURDY HANDLE  LOVE THE HANDLE. VERY STRONG. PROVIDES A GOOD GRIP EVEN WITH HEAVIER ROPES. THE CUSHION SUPPORT AT THE HANDLE MAKES GRIP BETTER. WILL NOT SLIP.PAPA RICH ON 26TH FEB 2017 TOTALLY AWESOME  NOT ONE FOR MANY WORDS, SO TO SUM UP MY THOUGHTS, I COULDN'T HAVE FOUND OR MORE PERFECT PIECE OF WORK OUT EQUIPMENT.NOBLE ON 17TH FEB 2017 GREAT HANDLES  GREAT HANDLES COMFORTABLE AT THE SAMETIME DURABLE. THE BEARINGS THAT THE HANDLES HAVE MAKE IT EASY TO SPING THE ROPE AND THE ABILITY TO EXCHANGE ROPE SIZES OR FOR A HEAVIER ROPE IT'S AWESOME.ROY SANCHEZ ON 22ND JAN 2017 AWESOME!!  I LOVE THESE HANDLES! THEY HAVE SUCH A PERFECT GRIP AND MAKE JUMPING WITH THE HEAVY ROPES SO MUCH BETTER. AND I LOVE HOW MUCH SMOOTHER IT MAKES THE ROTATION. I WILL DEFINITELY BE GETTING ANOTHER PAIR OF THESE. THANKS FOR ANOTHER GREAT PRODUCT!!BRANDY FRIEND ON 19TH NOV 2016

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