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The aeroSling ELITE Plus is the best Sling Trainer we’ve ever built! It is a consequential advancement of our aeroSling ELITE Sling Trainer and possesses several clever accessories that make your functional sling training even more variable and challenging.This makes the aeroSling ELITE Plus the optimal training package for experienced sling trainistas not willing to make any compromises. The possibilities are endless! The best suspended pulley for effective training the aeroSling UltraPulley comes pre-installed with the aeroSling ELITE Plus The UltraPulley is the heart of the aeroSling ELITE Plus and is already installed. Due to its extremely powerful ball bearing there is less friction than with the standard aeroSling suspended pulleys. This creates a greater instability that needs to be compensated for. The muscles have to work harder during the same exercises, creating maximum effectiveness when sling training with the aeroSling ELITE Plus. Therefore, the ELITE Plus is more suited for pros than beginners. Flex Handle and Flex Clips – up to every challenge The aeroSling ELITE Plus comes equipped with a Flex Clip and a Flex Handle S on each grip by default. Thanks to this addon you don’t have to take any breaks during your training due to setup modifications. You can fluently change between exercises. In one moment you grip the Alu Handle M with your hands, secondes later you fixate your feet in the Flex Handle S. No matter which exercises you include in your training schedule the aeroSling ELITE Plus is prepared for everything. Should the Flex Handle S bother you during a specific exercise the Flex Clips allow you to demount them in a second. aeroSling ELITE Plus – effective and flexible Although the aeroSling ELITE Plus is optimized for an effective functional training it is still very easy to expand. It is part of the aerobis philosophy to give you a flexible, mobile functional training that provides you with optimal training conditions in any position. You can also connect the Flex Handle XL to the Flex Clips. Or you install the aeroSling PowerSpring (see video above) to, on the one hand, increase the instability, and on the other hand make the exercises more joint-friendly. Of course you can also use the aeroSling Alu Handle M DOUBLE. And did you know that the blackPack can be conected to the aeroSling ELITE via grip loops? aeroSling ELITE Plus – for the most effective and versatile Sling Training in the world! Even better in a Set To not only give you the most effective sling but also the most versatile sling training in the world we have put together a few Sets that couple the aeroSling ELITE Plus (Set PRO and APE) with additional accessories that make the already versatile training even more versatile. This way you not only get our specially designed T-Mount – your first choice when it comes to wall or ceiling mounts. The additional accessories give you even more exercises while providing you with more comfort during exercises. And the best thing about it: you can save a lot! Specifications- Weight: 1.5 kg- Colour: Black- Warranty: 1 year

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